Past Project: YIMBY Festival

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The YIMBY Festival happens annually.

Find out more about past YIMBY events and stay tuned for more information on our next festival.

The annual YIMBY Festival provides a social space for people and groups involved in grassroots, locally-driven community development to gather, exchange ideas and strategies to affect change, and imagine their future city. It’s an opportunity to celebrate achievements and identify new challenges and opportunities in an atmosphere focused on listening, learning and engaging.

Christina Zeidler founded the YIMBY festival in 2006 when she realized that many neighbourhood groups were presumed to engage solely in antagonistic relationships and were unfairly labeled as being part of a NIMBY (Not In My Back Yard) movement. YIMBY is about promoting the role of neighbourhood groups as a positive force for change.

Toronto has a rich history of civic engagement and community involvement. This one-day event invites community groups from across Toronto to turn the table on politicians and policy makers and to spread understanding about the issues that face each community. This is an opportunity for neighbours to meet neighbours, residents to meet politicians, and politicians to meet community groups, all in the spirit of people coming together for positive change.

YIMBY is a project of the Centre for City Ecology.
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