Future Project: Ultratopia


“Utopia” has always been ambiguous: It sounds the same to a contemporary ear whether it’s interpreted as deriving from “Eutopos” (Good Place), or from “Outopos” (No Place).

What we have in mind is something a little clearer, a little more on purpose in the implied relationship between reach and grasp: a properly imaginary space in which to experiment freely with big ideas in new combinations, on the understanding that there’s no point thinking about progress without a living and lively set of ideals. Communities, just like people, need fantasy lives, and spaces in which to build and explore them.

In this spirit, the Ultratopia project will develop and share locally relevant experiments. Always one step beyond the horizon, so the neighbours don’t have to worry. Always lit, to make it as easy as it should be to make sense of the difference between moving forward and falling back.

Expect design fiction, science fiction, and other post-contemporary art in 2018.