The Centre for City Ecologies is now in the planning stage, with a view to taking up the mission and mandate of the Centre for City Ecology, with some upgrades and a twist.

The Centre for City Ecology helped to raise the bar on urban conversations and thinking in Toronto between 2007 and 2015. If you’re interested in that history, please have a browse through the site archives. For more information about our future plans, contact Carl Skelton at carl@gotham.green

Many of the Centre for City Ecology’s legacy programs are still operational.


A city ecosystem is composed of physical-economic-ethical processes active at a given time within a city and its close dependencies.

[Jane Jacobs, The Death and Life of Great American Cities]

The seemingly small change in our name from “ecology” to “ecologies” reflects an understanding of the need for broadening our understanding on two distinct axes: first, time– recognizing that cities by their nature do and must evolve, but that some changes and rates of change are a lot better than others; second, scale– making sense of the mix means making sense of the respective needs, rights, and responsibilities of all the always-moving parts from the level of a single household, to that of a city block, to a whole metropolitan region.

The CCE encourages collaborative knowledge sharing, skill development, and future-making by the most creative stakeholders, experts, and leaders. The new CCE, like its precursor, will provide a platform for discussion and a medium for exchange and invention on complex urban issues through events, exhibitions, workshops, and special projects. Watch out for Ultratopia and the Richmond Street Works projects in 2018!