Community Mapping: An assessment of available mapping tools


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To build upon our work to engage Torontonians in community-based planning and city building efforts, the Centre for City Ecology researched available community mapping tools and analyzed their efficacy for use in Toronto’s neighbourhoods.

This research project was led by two of the Centre for City Ecology’s interns – Nabila Prayitno and Jonella Evangelista – who interned with the Centre for City Ecology in 2014-2015 while completing their studies at the University of Toronto.

The report was prepared over a period of six months, during which time the CCE and our interns conducted research into the range of available mapping tools, developed a curriculum component through which four of the most promising mapping tools were tested by a group of University of Toronto Scarborough Campus students, and prepared a report outlining the results of this research and the resulting case studies.

It is our hope that this research will help neighbourhood-based residents groups in Toronto engage in their own process of community mapping as a preliminary step towards community-based approaches to neighbourhood planning.