City Builder Book Club: Notes from the Arrival Cities event

photo by Cyrus Sundar Singh

photo by Cyrus Sundar Singh

The City Builder Book Club is an online reading club about cities. For the 2015 edition, the CCE is teaming up with Cities of Migration to coordinate a guided reading and global discussion of Doug Saunders’ Arrival City. In addition to weekly blog posts by a cast of international contributors and a lively online dialog, the Book Club will host a series of interactive events, both online across the globe and live here in Toronto.

This week, the City Builder Book Club held its first live event to kick of the Arrival City edition of the club: Arrival Cities: Global Framework + Local Discourse, with Arrival City author Doug Saunders and activist, researcher, and HIGHRISE film collaborator Emily Paradis.

Over on the City Builder Book Club blog, CCE volunteer Anna Wynveen recaps the evening, providing an overview of the event and an analysis of the takeaways.

When an area is described as “blighted” it is crucial to consider whether you are placing your own aesthetic tastes and values above the survival of others. Saunders highlights the fact that, while so-called ‘slums’ should not be imagined as a problem-free proto-capitalist wonderland, they are “not just collections of poor people”— they are the very “real accumulation of social and actual capital.”

Read Anna’s recap here.