Mid Rise City Builder Camp: Neighbourhood Summit

On November 05, 2014, the Centre for City Ecology held a Neighbourhood Summit as part of our Mid-Rise City Builder Camp program. We gathered together 30 community members representing 22 Residents’ Associations from across Toronto to open up a dialogue about density and development in the city. At the Neighbourhood Summit, these community representatives workshopped ideas to help shape the conversation and content of the CCE’s City Builder Camp program.

Read the Neighbourhood Summit Summary Document here.

To begin a conversation about density and mid-rise development in Toronto, Summit participants were introduced to the CCE’s How Does Your Neighbourhood Grow? exhibit and accompanying interactive density model, on display at Urbanspace Gallery from September 2014 – January 2015. In small groups, residents participated in guided discussions to workshop ideas for the City Builder Camp.

With the help of volunteer facilitators and note takers, resident participants explored discussion topics created to address the following key questions:

When your neighbourhood engages in the development process, what’s missing from the conversation?

How can we open up the process and improve it?

What input and advice would you like to hear from key stakeholders in the development process?

The Neighbourhood Summit Summary Document provides a summary of the information and ideas emerging from the conversations held at the Summit. It is organized according to the discussion questions presented to participants, with summaries and examples of responses included.

Many thanks to the residents who participated in the Summit and shared their ideas and insights, as well as the amazing volunteers who worked as workshop facilitators and notetakers.