10 No Brainers to Make Toronto More Awesome!


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10 No Brainers celebrates simple, achievable ideas to make Toronto more awesome, right now.

A diverse group of contributors have shared their ideas to precipitate positive change in Toronto’s neighbourhoods.

With our media partner, Spacing Toronto, we released 10 short video interviews with our contributors to explore their ideas for a No Brainer: a simple alteration to City bylaws, fees, or administrative processes that could improve life in Toronto’s neighbourhoods, right now.

The project coincided with the upcoming municipal election, so we hosted our first pop-up event at Spacing’s Election Issue launch party on October 02 where we debuted our info posters and let residents vote on their favourite No Brianer Idea.

We hosted our second pop-up discussion event in the East End on October 9 where we welcomed City Council candidates to pitch which No Brainer they’ll champion at City Hall. We invited residents to learn about the 10 No Brainers through a series of information posters and join in a conversation about small ideas with big impact for Toronto. See photos from our East End Pop Up here. [Special thanks to our fantastic sponsors for this event! Thanks to The Bandit Coffee Shop for opening up their amazing space in the Beach Hill Neighbourhood, and thanks to Left Field Brewery, who served their delicious local beer at our Pop-Up!]

We joined in at CSI’s Turnout Toronto event on October 22 where we displayed our info posters, asked visitors to vote for the No Brainer idea that they were most excited about, and spoke to residents about what ideas they had for the future of their city.

Read the info posters:

Click on the posters below to read the full-size versions.


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