Greenways as connective tissue

The Centre for City Ecology and our friends Toronto Park People were featured in a recent Torontoist article [“Connecting Toronto One Park at a Time“] highlighting the potential to use Toronto’s greenways to strengthen connections within and between neighbourhoods.

Toronto GreenwaysThe article centred on the map we produced in partnership with Park People that shows some of Toronto’s major current and potential greenways and existing rapid transit lines. Looking at the map, it becomes evident that, currently, there are many dis-connections between these greenways and to existing transit lines. But what if we shifted thinking about greenways as critical connectors in the city? What kinds of networks would emerge?

“In Toronto it’s so important to start connecting communities together,” says Hill. “If you look at the development of cities, you had waterways first, and then railways, and then subways, and then highways, as the harbingers of urban development… I think you could make a case that greenways are a new and very legitimate way to connect communities and create urban development.”

Read the full article on Torontoist here.