2015 City Builder Book Club launches in Berlin

In winter 2015, the City Builder Book Club will bring together city thinkers from around the world for a guided reading and global discussion of Doug Saunders’ Arrival City. The Book Club was launched last week at the 2014 Cities of Migration Conference in Berlin, Germany, where Canadian journalist Doug Saunders, author of Arrival City, was the keynote speaker.

The City Builder Book Club is an interactive, online reading club that aims to foster a deeper understanding of how cities work. The Centre for City Ecology launched the Book Club in 2012 with Creative Urban Projects. The first book was Jane Jacob’s The Death and Life of Great American Cities, inviting readers to contribute to a dialogue on urban systems.

This January, the Centre for City Ecology, in partnership with Cities of Migration, will launch the 2015 Arrival City book club and facilitate an energetic conversation about global migration and our shared urban future. Book Club members are invited to read along and follow the blog for weekly posts by a cast of global contributors. Comment forums and interactive elements will provide readers with opportunities to engage in the discussion.

The City Builder Book Club is completely free, and will begin on January 20, 2015.

Join the club, or visit the website.