Vertical Urban Factory

On February 5th, 2013, the CCE, in partnership with Urbanspace Gallery and 401 Richmond, hosted a kick-off event for the Vertical Urban Factory exhibition.

Curated by architectural historian and critic Nina Rappaport, the Vertical Urban Factory exhibition “explores historic and contemporary concepts for the design, structure, mechanization and economics of multi-stories factories, and their relationship to the urban environment.” The project aims to foster new ideas on better integrating physical places of production into the urban fabric, in the wake of the impacts of global economies on urban vertical factory spaces.

The event began with presentations by three speakers. Nina Rappaport, curator of the exhibit, spoke on new directions for manufacturing in cities and the urban factory building typology. Mike Williams, General Manager of Economic Development & Culture for the City of Toronto, spoke about Toronto’s manufacturing economy and about strategies for industrial retention in the 416. Jason Rehel of the National Post spoke about the importance of good factory design in supporting the health and labour of manufacturing workers.

The speaker presentations were followed by a Question Period, where participants engaged the speakers in conversation about the future of manufacturing and vertical factory spaces in Toronto.