Toronto’s Transportation Month

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November 2011 has been proclaimed Transportation Month with organizations across the GTA staging at least five major mobility events, including:

Each of these events address a wide range of GTA transportation challenges while enabling citizens from all walks of life to build momentum and support for an efficient, equitable and sustainable transportation system.

CCE is partnering with the Ontario Association of Architects to host mobiliT.O, a day-long design workshop which will be held on November 19th. Learn more about mobiliT.O.! Due to space limitations, this event is limited to those with invitations. If you think you should be on our list, please email me at

We are also working with students in University of Toronto Professor Virginia Maclaren’s Workshop in Planning Practice class to provide summaries of all of these events so the conversation can continue online. Watch for #MoveTO this month on Twitter and stay tuned!