YIMBY Festival 2011

When: October 22, 2011 – 11am–4pm
Urbanspace Gallery, 401 Richmond Street West, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

This festival provides a social space for people and groups involved in grassroots, locally-driven community development to gather, exchange ideas and strategies to effect change, and imagine their future city. It’s a chance to celebrate achievements and identify new challenges and opportunities, in an atmosphere focused on listening, learning and engaging.

This one-day event invites community groups from across Toronto to turn the table on politicians and policy makers, to educate them and each other about the issues that face each community. YIMBY provides an opportunity for neighbours to meet neighbours, residents to meet politicians and politicians to meet community groups in the spirit of people coming together for positive change.

Toronto has a rich history of civic engagement and community involvement. This year’s YIMBY AT FIVE marks a critical point in the evolution of Toronto as a DIY city. Hosted by the Centre for City Ecology and 401 Richmond, YIMBY AT FIVE will be held in the Urbanspace Gallery, and coincide with the opening of an exhibition on civic engagement guest-curated by Dave Meslin. YIMBY AT FIVE will include poster presentations, hands-on workshops, information materials and displays, and entertainment celebrating the unique self-organizing energy of Toronto!


11:00 — Launch: Gillian Mason (CCE) and Dave Meslin
11:30 — Toronto Food Strategy, Toronto Public Health: City Hall 101
12:20 — Clean Train Coalition screening of Bending the Rails
1:00 — Butterfly Communities: Scarborough Showcase and Network
2:00 — MINT Film Festival Previews
3:00 — Parkdale Activity Recreation Centre: Workshop on Taking It To The Streets
4:00 — Closing: Josh Fullan, People Plan Toronto


Toronto Standard: Yes, Please, In My Back Yard:

“When we are all better equipped to actively engage in town planning, urban design and land use issues in our own backyards, we will reach highly desirable outcomes—greater neighbourhoods, a just city—and YIMBY is one important part in creating that possibility,” says CCE Director Gillian Mason.

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CBC’s Here and Now: Yes In My Back Yard – Interview with Gillian Mason


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The YIMBY Festival happens annually.

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