The Power of Mapping: Wellbeing Toronto

Speakers: Harvey Low, Acting Manager, City of Toronto Social Research & Analysis Unit
When: July 13, 2011 – 6:00–8:00 pm
Urbanspace Gallery, 401 Richmond Street West, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

The Power of Mapping - Harvey Low on Wellbeing Toronto
Have you ever wanted to make your own map of neighbourhood wellness, based on the indicators you think are important? “Wellbeing Toronto” is new web tool from the City of Toronto that allows you to select and combine data about our neighbourhoods’ economic and social wellbeing and see the results instantly on a map. Come learn how you can use this tool to better understand Toronto’s diverse communities!

Using geographic information software, Wellbeing Toronto allows you to select, combine and weight the significance of a number of indicators that monitor neighbourhood wellness. The results appear instantly on easy to read maps, tables and graphs. This free tool supports decision making and seeks to engage citizens and businesses in understanding the challenges and opportunities of creating and maintaining healthy neighbourhoods.

With a degree in Urban & Regional Planning, Harvey Low has over 20 years experience as a social sciences researcher. His early experience included working directly in the community with community-based social service agencies as front-line staff. He is currently Acting Manager of the City of Toronto’s Social Research & Analysis Unit within the Social Development Finance & Administration Division.

About ‘The Power of Mapping’

This event is part of CCE’s series of events on the potential of mapping to strengthen communities’ ability to know their neighbourhood and plan for its future. Why mapping? In cities around the world, community and neighborhood organizations are using mapping tools to assist them in visioning, planning and advocating for their needs. It’s a useful tool for people to understand their communities, represent themselves and their perspectives, and plan for their futures.

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