Mapping: Going High Tech

On June 16th, the CCE hosted a third events in its “The Power of Mapping” series: Going High Tech, with panelists Carl Skelton [Director of Brooklyn Experimental Media Centre, NYU Polytechnic Institute], John Danahy [Associate Professor of Landscape Architecture], Gunho Sohn [Assistant Professor of Geomatics Engineering]. Conversations explored the range of mapping tools available to city builders – from high-tech 3D applications to Google Earth. Panelists discussed their ongoing mapping projects that seek to strengthen city-building initiatives in Toronto and beyond.

About ‘The Power of Mapping’

This event is part of CCE’s series of events on the potential of mapping to strengthen communities’ ability to know their neighbourhood and plan for its future. Why mapping? In cities around the world, community and neighborhood organizations are using mapping tools to assist them in visioning, planning and advocating for their needs. It’s a useful tool for people to understand their communities, represent themselves and their perspectives, and plan for their futures.