Getting, Using and Sharing City Data

On June 15, 2011, the CCE hosted the second event in its The Power of Mapping Series: Getting, Using and Sharing City Data. The discussion focused on global advocacy for open data policies that allow City residents to engage directly in developing creative solutions to urban issues, armed with solid City data. Speakers included Keith McDonald [Supervisor, Information Management Training, Open Toronto], Scott Webb [Senior Spatial Specialist, Geospatial Competency Centre], Gina Porcarelli [Spatial Products Analyst, Geospatial Competency Centre], Mark Kuznicki [Director, Remarkk] and Marcel Fortin [Map & Data Librarian, University of Toronto].

About the CCE’s ‘The Power of Mapping’ series

This event is part of CCE’s series of events on the potential of mapping to strengthen communities’ ability to know their neighbourhood and plan for its future. Why mapping? In cities around the world, community and neighborhood organizations are using mapping tools to assist them in visioning, planning and advocating for their needs. It’s a useful tool for people to understand their communities, represent themselves and their perspectives, and plan for their futures.